Buy less, wear more. Rae26 pieces are designed to be staples in your forever wardrobe and, one day, family heirlooms. If they do ever end up needing to be disposed of, rest assured silk is biodegradable and can be composted—so Rae26 pieces should never end up in landfill.

All Rae26 pieces are entirely produced from 100% silk Crêpe De Chine (French for: “crepe of China”), a beautiful, luxurious fabric that is pleasure to wear, easy to care for, and lasts a lifetime if cared for thoughtfully. The pieces are manufactured in China—the silk capital of the world—where we have been able to source the best quality raw materials and the most skilled artisans.

Despite our best efforts there's still a lot more that we can do to minimise our environmental footprint. Bear with us as we grow and figure it out—and if you have any suggestions about what we could be doing better, please get in touch.